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So you’re feeling frustrated with dating, and you’re interested in getting some help.

It’s important that you realize that you are not alone. What you are going through is very common. You might think that your problems are unique, and I’m sure they are to some degree. But the fact of the matter is that what you are going through has been experienced by more people than you can imagine.

I’ve witnessed the various causes of dating frustration over and over again. There is a pattern to it all. And I know that the fixes are pretty much the same for everybody. Of course, every situation is unique, but feel assured that whatever you are struggling with, I’ve seen it before. I’m fully aware of the various things that are causing your specific problems, and I know how to fix them.

I can help you obtain the knowledge and mindsets needed to meet the right kind of men and create healthy, passionate relationships.

There are three coaching options available are:

1. Two hour Q & A session
2. On-call monthly support via phone, email & text
3. Secure attachment style training workshop

Details about each option are below…


Q & A Session


This is a simple coaching session that lasts for two hours. We’ll meet in Center City, Philadelphia and discuss the problems that you are having with dating.

  • I’ll ask you to prepare a list of questions to ask me. They can range from questions about specific dates or relationships in the past or present, to general questions about understanding men and why they do the things that they do that can be so damn infuriating. (Who better to hep you understand men than another man?) Nothing is off limits and everything is strictly confidential.
  • We can review your dating profiles. It’s a safe bet that they need some help. I’ve never seen a client’s profile and thought that it was written in a way that would help them both attract the right kind of men and screen out the wrong ones.
  • If you have issues with things like your body language, eye contact or conversation mannerisms, I’ll give you feedback on that as well.
  • I can share practical dating advice or we can go deeper and discuss what’s really holding you back from finding a loving, passionate relationship. It’s up to you what we discuss, but be assured that when I see a problem that you might not be aware of, I will tell you about it. I’m straightforward like that.

Some people are perfectly happy after a single Q & A session and go on to experience a significant improvement in their dating lives. But for those that want more guidance, read on…

On Call Monthly Coaching


If you have a question or a problem at any time, I’m here to help.
Seriously… I’m pretty much at your beck and call.

While I’m on retainer for you, you’ll have access to me via phone calls, emails and text messages to answer your questions as they come up. I’m here to guide you through any trouble that you’re having, essentially right as it happens.

  • I’ll guide you through the murky waters of online dating.
  • I’ll identify red flags that will help you avoid men that you shouldn’t be dating.
  • I’ll answer age-old questions like, “Why did he say that?” and “What the heck is going on with him?”
  • I’ll help you set healthy and realistic boundaries that will lead to the kinds of relationships that you want.
  • I will literally tell you what to do in the situations where you need that kind of guidance.
  • I’ll teach you the healthiest mindsets to have in dating & relationships and keep you on track.
  • I’ll guide you to become stronger and more confident in your relationships.
  • I’m there to support you in those times when you really need it.

Now on to the details of how this works…

You’ll have me for 2 hours of texts & emails and 3 hours of phone calls during the course of the month. You will have to give me 24 hours to respond to your texts and emails, but I’ll often reply in only a couple hours. Phone calls on the other hand are not spontaneous, but are scheduled. If you introduce me to a complicated issue via a text, I will suggest a phone call either later that day or the next to properly address the matter.

Attachment Style Workshop: From Needy to Secure


This workshop isn’t for everybody, but if your attachment style is anxious/preoccupied (or what I like to call “needy”), then this is going to be a game changer for you,

This workshop takes place over the course of two weeks via 2 1/2 hour sessions – 5 hours total.

During the first session you’ll learn about the behaviors of each of the three common attachment types.
We’ll apply this knowledge to help you:

  1. Understand your own behaviors & mindsets and how they are causing problems.
  2. Identify men that are of the avoidant/dismissive attachment style. Relationships with these men are extremely attractive, but also terribly unhealthy.
  3. Understand the behaviors & mindsets of secure women and why they are so healthy and attractive.

We’ll also discuss the important concepts of abundance, mindfulness and positivity.

During week two you’ll learn about the essential components of the secure attachment style: autonomy, authenticity, assertiveness and self-interest. More importantly however, you’ll learn how to integrate these vital concepts into your life, so that you’ll have the confidence and strength to actually become a secure woman, not just behave like one.

These workshops are more than just lectures. They are discussions that are applied specifically to you and your experiences. They are also very interactive with many exercises that make you figure things out for yourself – a much better way of learning than simply being told what to do.

I can’t stress enough how powerful this workshop is. For many people, this information is the cure to almost all of their dating frustrations. Transitioning from an anxious to a secure attachment style is my specialty. The reason is because I made this transition myself many years ago. This process took a lot of research, hard work and experimentation. But eventually I figured it out, and it ended up being the answer to all of my dating problems. (Yes, I struggled myself once upon a time.) And since then I’ve been teaching what I learned with incredible success.

How do you get started?

The first thing to do is schedule a free 30 minute consultation call where we will discuss your specific situation and how I can help. We’ll figure if we would be a good fit to work together and what coaching options would work best for you.

So use the form below, tell me a little about yourself, and we’ll set up that call.  If things go well, I’ll then instruct you how to proceed from there.

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