Coaching Options for Men

If you want to entertain yourself, learn from the internet.

If you want to improve now, get a coach.

On your own it can literally take years to make significant progress, instead of only weeks with a coach.

Personalized coaching takes you from thinking…
“That makes sense. I should try that.”
“Wow! That’s totally worked! I never knew it could be so easy! What’s next?!”

What can you learn?

Click on any of the topics listed below for more details about the things that you can improve upon and the process for doing it.

Conversations & Connections


What to say to women is one of the most common roadblocks that I encounter with my clients. Some men are kind of clueless when it comes to the topic. Others think that they are actually good at making conversation, but they’re really just okay at it. What you and her talk about is so incredibly important because it’s an essential part of making…


Creating a connection with the woman that you are with is the most important thing that you can do. This should be your goal every time. Without a connection, you won’t…

  • Get her phone number.
  • Go on a second date.
  • Have sex with her.
  • Fall in love with her.
  • Have any kind of relationship.

Without a connection, the best case scenario is that she just want to be friends with you. The worst case scenario (and most likely) is that you’ll get rejected and you’ll never see or hear from her again.

The Solution

There is special session that we can do where you will learn how to have engaging conversations that will take her from saying,

“He was nice, but I just wasn’t feeling it.


“That was great! I can’t wait for next time!”

In this session you and I will roleplay two guys hanging out because our (imaginary) friend thought that we would get along. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but bear with me for a second. So we hang out over a beer or something, and while I tap into my old shy self, you have to carry the conversation so that I’m having fun talking to you and ultimately feel some kind of connection that makes me want to hang again.

I understand that it’s just us two guys, and you want to learn how to talk to women, but this kind of basic communication and connection is an essential skill that I’ve found every client of mine seems to be lacking.

Every time I do this, I end up feeling bored, awkward, interrogated, ignored, stressed-out and even sometimes angry.

If you have a problem connecting with me, I guarantee that you’re not connecting with women as well as you could be.

So, when we hit these conversational roadblocks, I’ll call a time out and tell you what you did wrong. Then I’ll teach you a new conversation technique or a lesson in connections. And then we’ll replay that part of the conversation again using what you just learned. Rinse and repeat until you’re getting it right.

This is the first level of connection with women. It’s very practical and on a very basic level, but is required if you want to start building attraction or creating sexual tension, which are the next two levels of connection.

Online Dating

Your Exceptional Profile

I know how to write fantastic profiles. I constantly get messages from women like, “Thank you so much! I was getting depressed reading all of these boring profiles, I was about to give up. Then I found yours and it totally made my day!” Seriously. That’s a real email from a real woman, and it’s not the only one. I even had a TV show come to my home and film me because of one of my past profiles. Trust me. I know what I’m doing here. I’m not going to just write your profile for you. I’m going to teach you how to do it yourself, so that in the future you will be able to make another great profile on your own. Follow my four rules to exceptional profile writing and you’re good to go.

Your photos are one of the most important aspects of your profile. There has been research done on what kinds of photos women find the most attractive. I’ll sift through your collection and point out the best photos to include and the ones that you should avoid. If you don’t have a lot of pictures of yourself, I can take some for you. (I’m not a professional photographer, but I know how to take the kinds of photos that work best for online dating.)

After you upgrade your profile, not only will you start meeting the kinds of women that you really want to be dating, but your over all response rate will explode.

“I probably sent out 50 emails last weekend and was very surprised to receive roughly 15-20 responses. Normally out of 50 emails I would be lucky for 3 to 4 initial responses. I actually ended up getting 6 phone numbers and 6 dates lined up.” ~Michael

Messaging Her

Then there’s the whole what to write in messages thing. Don’t worry – I have a successful formula for that initial message that you can use every time. It’s not canned nor cut-n-pasted. It’s simply a structure to follow where you include the right words for each unique woman. And when it comes to how long to message her, what to write (and avoid), and when (and how) to ask her out, we’ll take care of that as well if you need it.


The Initial Attraction

Your appearance is an important part of the entire process. In fact it’s the first part of the process. If you can’t get past this stage, there’s no hope of going forward at all.

Fortunately, you can become a more visually attractive man.

I’ll encourage you to exercise more. To lose weight. To put on a little muscle. These things aren’t required, but they help a lot in creating attraction with women.

I’ll give you an overall image and style analysis. There are some basic rules to follow when it comes to improving your wardrobe and hair style that can make you be seen as more attractive to the women that you meet. I even wrote a book on the subject, How to Be a More Attractive Man, which I can hook you up with.

I’ll teach you the fundamentals of attractive body language. Sitting, standing, leaning, and walking. Some minor adjustments can make major differences in this department.

Building Attraction

The process of increasing attraction is actually an incredibly natural one.

There aren’t any lines to memorize that can make it happen.

The act of building attraction is have less to do with what you say, and more to do with how you say it.

Look, woman are attracted to MEN and the personality traits that define them. So it’s only makes sense that building attraction happens because of those masculine qualities that women find so attractive, particularly…

  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness

These are things that I can teach you.

In fact, I feel that confidence and assertiveness are the most important traits/skills to learn to improve your dating/love life on every level. I dedicate a lot of my teaching to this topic. Sometimes it’s hidden in a another lesson. Other times I’m really straightforward about it.

Increasing your confidence and becoming more assertive is the path to powerfully and effortlessly attracting women.

Read the section just below for more information.

Confidence & Assertiveness

The Alpha Mindset

The goal behind learning the Alpha Mindset is to break down your barriers to social confidence and to move you away from “nice guy” behaviors and towards becoming a more confident man. It’s designed to break you out of whatever shell is holding you back with women.

I believe that somewhere inside every guy is a powerful man, a confident man, an assertive man, a man that women are attracted to.

Inside every man is a beast waiting to be released.

Have you ever felt that beast before? He doesn’t come out often enough does he? But when he does, hot damn! Everything seems to fall into place, doesn’t it?

We’re going to unleash your beast and get you naturally attracting women quickly and effortlessly.

Keep in mind that the result of embracing the Alpha Mindset goes way beyond attracting women. It’s the core of social confidence, assertiveness, leadership as well as connecting with all people – friends, family, coworkers, clients, everybody.

“Kevin is the real deal…I’ve seen beginner guys magically grow confidence overnight and I’ve heard advanced guys tell me it was the missing piece. Really, what he’s doing is teaching you to be a man. Not only will that help you with women, but the mindsets he shares will teach you to be a man everywhere — at work, with family, and for the rest of your life. Kevin’s an awesome coach and an awesome guy. I thank him!”


Autonomy and Authenticity

These two things are essential pieces of the Alpha Mindset.

Autonomy is the mindset of not caring about what people think about you. It’s all about not worrying about how others might be judging you. It’s not about being a dick. It’s about being independent. It’s about being proactive, rather than reactive with the women in your life.

Authenticity is more than just being yourself. It’s sharing a side of yourself that you usually hold back. When authenticity is coupled with autonomy it’s results in a genuine boldness that men respect and women are instinctively attracted to.

The Exercises

The key to increasing your confidence is to put you in situations that “nice guys” avoid and confident men dominate. I’ll guide you through interactions with people on a level that you never thought was possible. You’ll learn and practice the Alpha Mindset on real people in real situations.

In some cases, roleplaying provides a better format for learning. So I’ll put in scenarios that you either have encountered in the past or will face in the future, and you’ll have use the Alpha Mindset to get through them.

I’ll record you talking in various situations and playback those recordings to reveal your less-than-confident speech patterns. Then you’ll learn a Confident Communication technique and I’ll record you again. You’ll be surprised what a difference a couple words or a different tone of voice can make in the confidence behind your words.

Focus, Decisiveness, Leadership

The Alpha Mindset goes way beyond confidence.

You’ll learn The Confidence Code, a four step process to taking action confidently and without fear.

  • Focus – Are you having problems getting stuck in your head?
  • Decisiveness – Being decisive is right up there with confidence and assertiveness in terms of attractive masculine traits.
  • Action – I’ll teach teach to the 4 best ways to deal with fear and help you take action when you need to.
  • Commitment – Don’t be wishy-washy or do things half-assed! Commit 100%!

Assertiveness is a natural by-product of living by the Alpha Mindset. However, I’ll teach you specifically how to put it to use so that you can start leading women (and everybody) immediately with ease.

Sexual Tension

The Secret to Chemistry

Sexual Tension is a raw, beautiful, and incredibly intense state of mind that every man and woman want to share when it comes to dating and relationships.

It’s an essential of element of the “chemistry” and “sparks” that we all want to feel with the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, sexual tension is a concept that is difficult to grasp for many people. You might generally know what it is and what it feels like, but how do you actually get there? No worries, because it’s a process that anybody can learn.

I’ve broken the process of creating sexual tension down into six easy to understand steps.

First you do this, then you do that and then this and so on.

The great thing about these six steps is that they are completely natural, and not manipulative in any way.

If you haven’t noticed I’m all about authenticity, and learning these six steps of sexual tension is simply a format for learning how to become a sexually confident man and create a genuine, powerful connection with women.

Practical Dating Advice

The whats, wheres, whens and hows of the act of dating itself.

This is area consists of basic information and is pretty straightforward, but most people don’t know half of what they should. And the other half that they do know, then don’t even know why they’re doing it.

Here is a sampling of the types of things in this category:

  • When to ask her out.
  • How to ask her out.
  • When to call or text her.
  • How to call/text her.
  • How to set up the date.
  • Where to go on the first, second and third dates. (They are not the same.)
  • Where to sit on the date itself. (This can change the entire dynamic of the date.)
  • When you should arrive at the date.
  • What to do if she is late.
  • When is the right time to kiss her or lead her to the bedroom?
  • How to set up future dates.
  • How often you should call/text her.
  • How often you should see her in person.
  • How to have a casual relationship.
  • How to turn the dating relationship into something more serious.

Coaching is customized to fit your needs. The topics that we will cover and how fast you progress
depend entirely on your strengths, weaknesses and goals with women and dating.


“Prior to meeting Kevin I had worked with other dating coaches but none of them provided the clear and simple approach that he outlines. His approach is essentially to be a genuine, raw sexual man. But just knowing these words wouldn’t help if I hadn’t seen Kevin embody them. Kevin walks it like he talks it- no b.s !

Forget the NLP, method acting and 7 step routines. There is nothing to learn, only unlearn. And once Kevin is done with you, you won’t need another dating coach again.”


“Taking a workshop with Kevin was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The journey to be great with women was awesome. I’m excited to say that after a 3 year dry spell, I am currently dating 3 beautiful women.

Kevin even went a step further to helped me in my personal development as a man. I learned to better appreciate life, as well as women.”


“Kevin’s simple tips bring results FAST. From shattering “limiting beliefs” about myself in the Alpha workshop, to giving me simple advice about my looks (hair, glasses, shoes, shirt), I’m a more attractive man. I look it and feel it, and that inner confidence helps me enjoy flirting with women in a whole new way. If you want to stop dreaming about meeting women, get off the computer and go learn from Kevin!”


“At first I must admit I was very skeptical to take a course.  But after my first conversation with Kevin I realized that this was worth a shot…  And he didn’t disappoint.  Kevin not only showed me how to meet women but really taught me what a great guy I am and how women should be happy to meet me.  I am a much more confident man because of Kevin and I am excited about the direction my life is headed.”


How do I get started?

To get the ball rolling we will need to have a brief conversation on the phone to see if we would be a good fit to work together and to discuss some of the details about your situation and the coaching specifics. You can get in touch using this contact form to set up a 30 minute consultation call (no charge).

Live Coaching Options

The two of us will meet for our private sessions in Center City, Philadelphia every week or two depending on the lessons.


2 Sessions

  • 2 two hour sessions
  • 4 hours total of coaching
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4 Sessions

  • 4 two hour sessions
  • 8 hours total of coaching
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Structured Learning

There are some lessons that are best learned using a specific structure. I’ve been using them for years. And they work.


Organic Learning

I recognize that every man is different. So we will change the pace and lessons so that you get exactly what you need to succeed.



Between sessions you will be given experiential homework chosen to help you integrate what you have learned.