The process of discovering how to be a more attractive man took many years.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t intentionally trying to learn how to become a more attractive man. I was really just trying to improve my dating life and learn how to better interact with women, but I also learned the secrets of being more visually attractive in the process.

It was so relieving to me to discover that men don’t have to have a face like a model to be seen as an attractive man in the eyes of women!

I won’t deny that it helps. However, a handsome face is not the most important factor in terms of attractiveness to women.

You can’t change your face, but you can make improvements to every other aspect of your appearance and dramatically increase your visual attractiveness.

The Three Attraction Factors

In the ebook, How to Be a More Attractive Man, I thoroughly discuss  the three Attraction Factors, which ones are the most important to women, and what you can do to improve them and be more attractive.

1. The first one is Presence – how your state of mind affects your appearance. Presence is perceived through things like your body language and facial expressions. The biggest contributor to a powerful, attractive presence is confidence.

2. The next Attraction Factor is Physical Attributes, which primarily consists of your body and face. You might be surprised that your body is way more important than your face.

3. The third is your Style, which is expressed through your clothing and hair. This is the easiest to improve upon and can have a dramatic effect on your attractiveness with just a little effort.



What Women and Men Find Most Attractive in the Opposite Sex is Different

Let’s say you’re with some friends and you all see a hot girl eating lunch in a restaurant. You discuss what you find attractive about her. 9 times out of 10, the discussion is going to be about how pretty she is or how great her tits or ass are. Don’t deny it. It’s how us men are. However, sometimes there are other things that might be considered, but they pale in comparison to her nice body and her cute face.

On the other hand, if women discuss why they find a particular man attractive, the responses are going to be much more varied than the men’s would be. One woman might mention that she is attracted to the way he carries himself with authority and confidence. Another might talk about his fit body. Another might like how hot he looks in that suit that he’s wearing. Yes, some women might mention his handsome face, but it’s far fewer than you would expect.

Most of those things that women find attractive in men can be improved upon!

Regardless of how you meet women (social circle, internet, or approaching), if they are not attracted to you, there is very little chance of the interaction turning into anything besides friendship or flat out rejection.

Take care of this part of your life and reap the benefits of being a more attractive man.