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Here’s a list of the common problems that I work with men to get past.
Which of the following sounds like something that you’re struggling with?

● Are you not meeting enough women or the kind of women that you want to be with?
● Maybe you’re meeting plenty of women, but things just aren’t going to the next level. You’re not wooing them or wowing them.
● Maybe there’s something that you are doing totally wrong that is pushing women away, and you have no idea that you’re even doing it.
● Maybe you just need to find your mojo and you’ll be good to go. (FYI, every man has a powerful mojo churning somewhere inside him.)
● Maybe you’re just kinda clueless and don’t even know where to start.

Don’t worry. I can help. I’ve spent well over a decade figuring out this part of my life, and after trying everything under the sun, I finally realized something simple that I’ve taught to hundreds of other men over the years…

With some basic knowledge on how to interact with women and the right kind of confidence, the whole process of meeting and attracting the right kind of women for you can be practically effortless with results beyond what you probably think you’re capable of.

Gentlemen, it’s time to become the choosers rather than settling for being chosen.

And I can teach you how to do it…


There are many things that I can help you improve on that include internet dating, approaching, attraction, connection, conversation skills, dating logistics, sexual tension, social confidence and much more…


Rather than randomly clicking through Root of Attraction and potentially missing out on the most relevant information, I’ve laid out all of the articles for you in a nice little list, so that you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

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