Sex is an extremely important part of any romantic relationship regardless of how brief or lasting it is.

One night stands are clearly all about sex, but you’ll also be hard pressed to show me a passionate long term relationship where the couple is not frequently having good sex.

The problem is that most men don’t understand that women are sexual beings just as much as men are.

Many men believe that if they are sexual with the women that they meet and date that the women would be turned off by that.

Many men fear that expressing themselves sexually with women will result in those women thinking that they are creepy.

The result of these fears and beliefs is that men end up suppressing their sexual desire when face to face with women that they are attracted to, which results in a woman thinking that either the man isn’t romantically interested in her or that he isn’t capable of stirring those passionate feelings inside of her.

That sexual desire and its expression is what makes the difference between the passionate men that can create those sparks that women dream of and the nice guys that get dumped right into the friend zone.

If you are talking to an attractive woman that you want to eventually have sex with, you should be full of sexual desire for her!

But more often than not, that desire is suppressed and not revealed in the least.

In order to reveal that desire, a couple things need to take place. First you have to make sure your desire is maximized, both physically and mentally. Then you simply have to express it.

Physical and Mental Sexual Desire

Physical desire is based on three things: overall health, testosterone levels and masturbation frequency. The less healthy you are, the less horny you are. Low testosterone levels leads to low sexual desire. The more you masturbate, the lower your sex drive is. So to physically increase your sexual desire – be healthy, have high testosterone levels, and stop masturbating so damn much! (I recommend once a week if your not having sex regularly.)

You can be as healthy and horny as possible, but if your brain isn’t on board, it’s not going to do you much good.

What holds you back from being mentally sexual are fears and limiting beliefs about women, yourself and sex. I’m sure you’ve read it somewhere, but you probably don’t deeply believe that women love sex as much as, if not more than, men.

You also probably don’t realize that while you are imagining the woman in front of you without her clothes on, she is doing the same to you, assuming she is attracted to you.

You hold back in so many ways, especially sexually, with women because you are scared she won’t like you because of your thoughts, desires and ultimately your actions. The end result is that you suppress your sexual desire for women when you are with them because you are scared that they will find it offensive or creepy. Instead, they find you nice and polite.

Without sexual desire, it’s very hard to express yourself sexually and have it feel natural instead of creepy.  Without it, your actions are forced, fake and ultimately unattractive.  So make sure you are first full of desire, then focus on its expression.

Sexual Expression

Nonverbal communication is the easiest and most effective way to express your sexual interest in a woman.

Nonverbal sexual expression can be very subtle and still incredibly effective.

You don’t have to tell a woman that you want to fuck her in order to communicate that you want to fuck her.  You can do this with your eyes, your body language and touch.

Verbal sexual express on the other hand is more challenging.

Unfortunately, the world has created a negative view sexual openness, and generally speaking, talking about sex with most people is not seen as socially acceptable.

If you are extremely comfortable talking about sex with people and treat it not as something secretive and taboo, but as completely something natural that is a part of who you are, then you can talk explicitly about sex.

But until your sexual comfort level is high…

Nonverbal sexual communication will be much more effective than verbal.

Once you be comfortable nonverbally expressing your sexual desire, then sex talk is incredibly powerful and fun for both you and her. Compliment your eye contact and touch with a comment about how sexy you think she is.  In the heat of the moment when you are truly feeling an irresistible desire for her, look at her seductively and tell her that you want to rip off her clothes and kiss every inch of her body.


Being sexual with women is one of the most attractive qualities that you can have. It’s more than “accidentally” grazing a girl’s breast or knowing where the G-Spot is.  It goes much deeper than that.  It starts with embracing your sexual desire for women and is followed by expression that desire both verbally and nonverbally.