Women want to be with a real Man.

When I say “Man”, that’s with a capital M. I’m referring to a Man’s Man – the Alpha Male that women are instinctively drawn to.

It’s the confident, take charge kind of guy that drives women wild. Not the “nice guy” that tiptoes through the world and worries about whether or not people like him.

More today than ever, “nice guys” are everywhere and real Men are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Just ask any woman you know. It’s the sad, sad truth.

A Man goes for what he wants in life. He is a leader. He is decisive. He is confident that he can handle any situation. He is not afraid to take risks. He has goals and a purpose that drives him through life. He is happy with who he is and what he is doing. He has his shit together.

He loves women. He loves sex and knows what he is doing in the bedroom. And even more importantly, he is not ashamed of any of those things.

Key Traits of a Man

● Confidence: Knowing that your actions are in your own best interest and that you can handle any situation.
● Leadership: Being decisive, Being a leader of men and women, verbally and nonverbally.
● Self-control: Being relaxed, conquering fear, having willpower, and focusing your mind on the right things.
● Honor: Being genuine. Being a man of your word. And having a positive outlook towards people and life in general.
● High Quality of Self: Looking your best. Living in abundance. Having a robust social life, passionate interests, and rewarding work. Being physically and mentally healthy.

Right now you probably have many traits that are align with the “nice guy,” particularly when it comes to your interactions with women.

Maybe you are a Man at work, or among your friends, but you probably hold back with women, so they don’t get to see the real you that totally kicks ass.

Instead they see you as just another nice guy.

Unfortunately women don’t think of “nice guys” as lovers and sexual partners, but instead as friends and providers, which is probably where you have likely found yourself time and time again.

Women are notorious for falling for Men that are considered to be jerks and badboys. Badboys have many qualities that women find attractive, like the good ole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

However, nice guys also some have fantastic qualities.

So what you should aim for is to take the best qualities of the badboy and the best qualities of the nice guy and merge them together and become a Man who is Alpha as well as kind, which is ultimately the best version of yourself.

That is the kind of man that women find absolutely irresistible on every level.